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Workshops, Performances, Coaching

Besides working on my own in the studio I love to go interactive, to perform and exchange with an audience. And to co-create with other artists of all trades.

I believe in artistic work as a path to clarity and insight in workshops, coaching and dialogue.

4 proven formats to start with:

  • Public Gluing. Performances, solo & in dialogue
    Live collages to given topics, in interaction with musicians, poets or story tellers.
  • Cut and glue. Collage Coaching & Workshops
    Collage technique applied to help make visible and mutually understand what we talk about in a workshop or a coaching session. Collages can be done by all in the room or me.
  • Glued Intention. Team & personal goal anchoring
    Checking in and checking out of months, years or projects with a structured conversation and a collage summarizing and anchoring the ambition set or lessons learnt.
  • Glued Insights. Visual recording & commenting
    Collages condense my perspective on a conference, a conversation or a (public) debate – live or based on material.

You might have a different idea. I am open for more… Reach out.

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